Best Whip Plus (8.2g)


The Best Whip Plus Cream Chargers come 24 pieces per display. These cartridges deliver a supreme nitrous experience- enough to generate liters of cream or create a lot of naughty fun! Use for charging a standard whip cream dispenser with an 8-gram screw-in system. Chargers are produced with the best gas available to ensure great tasting whipped cream every time!

• Filled with certified Linde pure N20. No oily residues
• Manufactured on the specially designed limited capacity assembly line
• No residue, impurities, smell, or aftertaste
• Will turn 1/2 liter of liquid whipping cream into up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream
• 50 pieces per display
• Use with standard whip cream dispensers

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1 Box (24 units), 5 Box (120 units), 15 Box (360 units), 25 Box (600 units)


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