Russia U18 – Czech Republic U18: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

In world hockey, the norm has long been established according to which the main favorites of the tournament play among themselves in the last round of the group stage of any world championship. It is clear that the favorites are those who were considered as such long before the first throw-in, and some by the end of the group stage had already ceased to be.

So, if we proceed from this postulate, then the American comrades did not see the Russian national team point-blank. Well, that is not seen a favorite. One of those, of course, was the American team – their own, dear ones, and even those playing at home simply cannot but be favorites. But the Americans are playing in the last match of the group stage with the Finns. Which the organizers of the tournament initially put above our team (in principle, they did what they put correctly).

But in the end it turned out that the winner of the B group may well become the winner of the USA – Finland match. Or it may not – especially if our national team, as they say, turns the Czechs inside out and scores three points in their last match of the group stage.

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It is clear in advance that this simply will not happen. The Czech squad now does not look as lost as it looked in recent years at all world forums at all ages. But this team cannot be called super-talented either – so, strong apprentices of the average European level. Against our talents, they will exhibit their organization, and it is far from the fact that our talents will cope with this.

But after all, our lads, damn it, are not made with a finger and do not slurp cabbage soup! And by the third match, they noticeably added to the organization and even more noticeably reduced them in carelessness. Of course, the opponent in this very third match was not so hot, but positive tendencies were evident.

Therefore, I hope that our team will find a bolt with a right-hand thread for the Czech organization. Which will allow us, albeit not without problems, even with a minimum score (or maybe not with a minimum), to beat the Czechs in regulation time and score three points, which, after a couple of hours, will force the Americans and Finns to pull the nails with their priests.

We can’t go below second place.

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