Using A Whipped Cream Dispenser as nangs

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Using A Whipped Cream Dispenser as nangs

By using whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers to make fresh whipped cream for baking, it is very easy

Now it is just so easy to make fresh whipped cream. All you need is a whipped cream dispenser, cream charger Nitrous Oxide (N2O) canisters and some thickened cream.

Most people also do not realise that when you use a whipped cream dispenser with Nitrous Oxide (N2O) cream chargers you can get up to twice the volume of whipped cream than if you are hand whipping cream with a whisk or beater. This is just one of the reasons that professional kitchens, chefs, cake shops or coffee shops often use a Nitrous Oxide cream whipper to make fresh whipped cream.

Follow the instructions below to make perfect whipped cream every time!

1. Use A High Quality Nitrous Oxide Whipped Cream Dispenser

isi professional 500 cream whipper

There are a number of different brands of Nitrous oxide cream whipper dispensers available for purchase. If you will be making whipped cream regularly (e.g. in a commercial kitchen or even if you are just a regular home user) then a high quality cream whipper is the best. A high-quality model, will function perfectly and are made out of high quality sturdy materials so it will last longer, this should more than makeup for the increased purchase price.

Generally, a 0.5 liter cream whipper dispenser is the smallest size that I would recommend. Though they do come in smaller sizes, there is some wastage during the process that is lost during cleaning that makes it better to use a 0.5 litre capacity model. Whippers do come in 1 liter capacity, which are suited to commercial applications that need a lot of whipped cream. The 0.5 Liter capacity is the most popular even amongst commercial users.

A 0.5 liter capacity whipper will take one Nitrous Oxide canister to whip the entire container. Larger 1 liter whippers may require two Nitrous oxide canisters.

2. Use High Quality Cream

Bulla Thickened Cream 300mL

A high quality cream with a higher fat content is essential when making good whipped cream. A cream with 35% fat is suitable for whipping. Light creams can make whipped cream but it will not be as fluffy may loose its volume quickly.

You can find creams suitable for whipping in our webshop.

2. Use High Quality Nitrous Oxide (N20) Canisters

isi professional cream chargers for whipped cream using Nitrous Oxide N2O
The Nitrous Oxide (N2O) tank is what makes the cream whipped and fluffy when it is used in a cream whipper. Inferior nitrous oxide tanks may contain impurities such as oil from the manufacturing process or even metal chips. Obviously, you don't want to add anything similar to the cream. The standard size of nitrous oxide is 8 grams. These 8 g cans are threadless and can be used for one-time use. They are suitable for all cream whipping machine models sold in our online store.
We only sell high-quality nitrous oxide cans, which can be recycled in online stores (used when empty)

3. Steps When Using A Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whipping cream with a nitrous oxide cream whipping machine is a quick and simple process. Please follow the steps below:
Unscrew the top/head and open the cream whipped dispenser. 
Add the cream (or other ingredients) to the whisk. Make sure not to exceed the maximum number of rows. Do not overfill.
Re-tighten the top/head of the dispenser. 
Insert the nitrous oxide bayonet gun into the charger bracket and screw it into the head of the dispenser. You should hear gas release into the butter whipped cream. 
Shake the whipped cream dispenser to mix the nitrite with the cream (or other ingredients). 
To dispense whipped cream, turn the dispenser up, head down, and then press the trigger/lever.
If you do not use all the whipped cream, you can store the dispenser (with cream inside) in the refrigerator. In the dispenser, the "use date" or "best use date" of the cream (or other ingredients used) still apply.

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